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Professional Services

Professional Services is becoming an increasingly large and important part of the software and high technology business environment. The customer demand for comprehensive solutions will force software and hardware companies to provide a full range of services with their products, but recruiting, training and sustaining a professional services organization can be a big challenge. Some of the most prominent challenges are:

    Absorbing lower margins than for products
    Avoiding high overhead when consultants are not fully billable
    Managing a services business unit
    Developing methodology and services productivity tools
    Capturing and packaging intellectual property for re-use
    Inhibiting alliance and channel development with systems integrators and consultancies due to perceived competition
    Retaining top quality consultants in a product-focused organization

Xceleris can help you meet the professional services challenge! As seasoned experts in the field of professional services, we can help you with:

    Strategy - Decide whether to build professional services in-house, with an alliance partner or with an outsourcing partner
    Assessment - Evaluate the current state of your professional services organization and business
    Optimization - Improve your existing professional services organization
    Managed Services - Deliver professional services for you (e.g. outsourced)

    In each case, we can offer you the cumulative experience and insights we have gained from decades of success in the field of professional services.

PS ValueSM - Strategy

PS ValueSM Strategy is our solution for designing a professional services strategy from scratch or for evaluating your current professional services strategy and operations. We reference our best practices model to look at all of the critical dimensions of professional services including business model, organization, skills profiles, recruitment, knowledge management, sales, operations and alliances. The final deliverable is a summary business plan to implement your professional services strategy.

PS ValueSM - Assessment

If you already have a professional services organization in operation, our PS ValueSM Assessment solution is designed to help you assess its strengths and weaknesses, and recommend specific ways to leverage the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses. We compare your practices to our best practice model for organization, skills, resource management, knowledge management, sales, operations and alliances. We can help you implement specific changes with our PS ValueSM Optimization services or even convert some or all of your professional services to our PS ValueSM Managed Services.

PS ValueSM - Optimization

PS ValueSM Optimization offers a menu of specific services to help you optimize your professional services processes, including recruitment, resource management, sales, methodology and solution development. If you are ready to think about professional services automation, we can help you in all phases including requirements definition and business case development, software selection and implementation.

PS ValueSM - Managed Services

Many software companies - with a primary focus on sales, marketing and product development - find it surprisingly difficult to create a professional services organization to support sales and implementation. This may be due to the distinct differences in business culture between developers and consultants, the high cost of maintaining sufficient resource capacity with highly variable demand, or several other reasons. Many companies who have focused on trying to interest the "Big 5" and other major systems integrators to support their products have found that this can be a waste of money and time. Your strategy for professional services and alliances needs to be grounded in a realistic understanding of how systems integrators operate, and aligned with your vision for managing channels and growth.

Our PS ValueSM Managed Services solution offers a full range of services for planning and executing your software services strategy. Our services include:

    Fully Outsourced Professional Services - Our experienced professionals can be your pre- and post-sales consulting organization

    Blended Outsourced Professional Services - Our professional provide management consulting to complement your own technical resources

    Methodology development with the latest in collaborative program and project management techniques and tools

    Partner training programs to bring your alliance partners up to speed on your products

    Developer and consultant training programs to evangelize your products

    Knowledge management programs to organize and share best practices with your customers and partners.

In addition we apply our own knowledge and program management best practices, to ensure that you always have direct access to the same information we develop about your customers and your products in the real world.




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