The SimFlex Group is an independent software and consulting services group within Flextronics. It has developed a unique and revolutionary strategic supply chain planning tool called SimFlex. This powerful software enables companies to optimize physical supply chain networks, production plans, processes and flows as well as simulate supply chain dynamics, evaluate multiple planning criteria, and real-world variations. With SimFlex, customers can perform detailed analyses of their total supply networks and alternative scenarios, and make strategic decisions on complex global supply chain issues such as determining the strategic locations for manufacturing and distribution centers, the optimum inventory levels, transportation lanes, capacity and flexibility requirements. SimFlex provides customers with a significant competitive advantage by helping them reduce operational costs while maximizing customer service levels. For more information, please visit:

Informatica Corporation is a leading provider of data integration and business intelligence software. Using Informatica products, Global 2000 companies can leverage their existing information assets for enterprise insight that helps them improve business performance, increase customer profitability, streamline supply chain operations and proactively manage regulatory compliance. More than 1,800 companies worldwide rely on Informatica to address their end-to-end needs for enterprise data integration and business intelligence. Please visit:

 SVASE is the largest and fastest growing nonprofit association in Northern California dedicated exclusively to helping early stage entrepreneurs across all technology sectors build successful companies. Please visit:

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency assists US companies in setting up pan-European operations in the Netherlands. It provides guidance on issues such as site selection, labor laws, operating costs, incorporation, incentives, permit procedures, tax structures, etc., and can for this purpose tap into an elaborate network of experts and organizations within the Netherlands, from government authorities at the national and regional levels, to academic and private sector expertise, or to others integral to the investment process.

It provides these services on a confidential basis and free of charge. Please visit:

The Supply-Chain Council is a global, not-for-profit trade association open to all types of organizations. It sponsors and supports educational programs including conferences, retreats, benchmarking studies, and development of the Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR), the process reference model designed to improve users' efficiency and productivity. The Council is dedicated to improving the supply chain efficiency of its practitioner members. Please visit:

The premier German American Business Association in the California Bay Area and beyond. GABA is a member-driven non-profit organization that fosters transatlantic knowledge-sharing and networking among German-American and Californian business and tech communities' through an online corporate database and 10-15 annual business events. Please visit

 Xceleris provides innovative business and technology consulting services in Business Performance, Business Intelligence and eBusiness Integration to clients in a variety of industries: High Technology, Communication, Consumer Business, Energy and Life Sciences. Xceleris has also developed packaged solutions for High Technology companies, with a focus on three areas: Business Development (both in the US and internationally), Professional Services and Product Management. Xceleris was originally founded by a group of senior "Big 5" and High Tech industry professionals, with global experience. For more information on Xceleris, Please visit:


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